Therapeutic Power of Basil|Facilitate digestion|Cancer Prevention

Therapeutic Power of Basil

Basil leaves facilitate digestion


Therapeutic power:-

Help to:

Facilitate the process of digestion

Reduce the risk of cancer

Pizza lovers everywhere prefer to add dried basil to pizza slices.The experts advise to prepare Italian pasta dishes with garlic and basil. In addition, the farmers are waiting for tomatoes season to decorate it with olive oil and fresh basil, which has grown in the house.

Whether to use fresh or dried basil, the pungent basil flavor and cayenne taste delight nose and mouth.At the same time at which you enjoy yourself eating the basil, you also enjoy with its health benefits, where researchers believed that this grass contains compounds that relief the stomach upset and play a role in cancer prevention.

Maintain the integrity of cells: –

Although the research is still in its infancy, but the laboratory studies confirm that compounds found in basil may help to obstruct the uccessive events that lead to the emergence of cancer.

In one study, researchers in India has added basil extract to food of animals used in laboratory experiments, while allowing another group of animals eat their usual food free of basil.After fifteen days, in the animals that were eating food containing basil extract, the level of enzymes that undermining the effectiveness of carcinogens in the body. rise

Scientists believe that basil’s ability to prevent cancerous changes is associated with several compounds that work together – and contained in that herb – and not a single compound.It is still too early to assert that basil has the same beneficial and useful effects to humans, but it is not too early to add more of this delicious grass on your food menu.

Helps in digestion:-

The next time when your stomach suffer due to eating a hearty feast, try to drink a cup of basil tea, where this grass has a good reputation in alleviating various types of digestive disorders, especially the suffering of gas.

No one knows for sure why the basil soothes and calms stomach upset, but one possible explanation is that it contains a compound called “Ugenol”, where it is found that this compound helps to relieve muscle cramps.Perhaps this explains the ability of basil on the alleviation of gas and stomach cramps.

To prepare alleviating basil tea, pour half a cup of boiling water on a teaspoon or two of dried basil.Let the drink until cooked and its extract comes out for 15 minutes, and then liquidate and present it.People who suffer from gas frequently may benefit from drink 2 to 3 cups each day of this drink between meals.

To obtain the maximum benefit: –

You have to mix it.At a time when a lot of foods to be more useful in a fresh condition, than in the dried condition,however, the usefulness of basil is equal in both cases.A teaspoon of dried basil contains the amount of essential minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium than those found in a tablespoon of fresh basil leaves.On the other hand, the large surface area of crushed basil remain exposed to the environment, speeding up the analysis of natural beneficial compounds.So it is better to use both types of grass.

You have to store it carefully.Exposure of the dried basil to heat, light or air for long periods will make preventive compounds break.So in order to extract the maximum therapeutic power of basil, you should store it in a cool, dark place, preferably in a vase of metal or glass.

In the kitchen: –

If your friend who is skilled in agriculture has given you a bouquet of fresh basil, which is still affected by heat of the sun and has a smart smell, what do you do for better use? Here are some suggestions.

Deal with grass gently. Basil is a thin herb, so dealing roughly with it, will make its leaves wilt.In order to maintain it so fresh, remove the stems and flowers, then spray the leaves with cool water then dry it with a paper towel.Let the leaves dry on another paper towel before you store it.

You have to store it well. When storing fresh basil, place the leaves in a plastic bag.Draw air from the bag as possible, close the bag well and then store it in the refrigerator.When stored in an appropriate manner, basil will remain fresh for 4 days.

You have to store it for another time. One way that ensures the existence of fresh basil in your home that it is always frozen.Pour a small amount of olive oil in a blender, then add fresh basil leaves and mix both until the mixture becomes a cohesive dough.Freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and save the frozen cubes in freezer bags.This way you will have small amounts of basil of fresh taste for all favorite dishes.


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