Therapeutic power of Beans|low chol and sugar|no cancer

Therapeutic power of Beans

Small but great


Therapeutic power

Help to

reduce cholesterol

Stabilize blood sugar level

Reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancers

Prevention of heart disease for diabetic patients

Our previous generation was not beans cooking amateur. So spotted and blue bean bags and chickpeas were not widely available on the supermarket shelves, and no one was draw near the tractor of beans in restaurants, which usually placed next to the peach. As well as bean salad was eaten by anyone but flies in the scouts trips.

But fortunately, this is not the case now; where our consumption of beans has increased from 5.5 Pounds per person in 1974 to 7.3 Pounds in 1994. There is a good reason for this popularity that beans gained: The grain is one of the best food; as it is low in fat and of high protein and fiber, and they contain different types of vitamins and minerals .

Dr. “Leonard Cohen” head of experimental cancer program at the American Health Foundation in “Valhalla” in New York says: “The truth in the beans is that they are small chemical factories contain a lot of bioactive compounds. There is strong evidence that eating it protects from cancer “.

Get rid of cholesterol

Beans are not the only food that lowers cholesterol, but certainly one of the best foods that do this, it is rich in soluble fiber and the same resins material found in apples, barley and oat bran. In the digestive system, soluble fiber hunt cholesterol that contain bilirubin and expelled it from the body before it is absorbed.

Dr “Patty Basile Jill”- certified nutrition specialist and nutrition Instructor for diabetic patients at the University of “Kentucky” in the “Lexington” and author of “magic pills” book – says: “Eating a cup of cooked beans a day can reduce total cholesterol in the body by about 10% in six weeks. “While the 10% may seem limited, you’ll know that every 1 % loss in total cholesterol in the body means reduction in the risk of heart disease by 2%.

Beans reduce cholesterol in all people, but the higher cholesterol level among those who eating beans, the higher efficiency of beans effect. In one study conducted at the University of Kentucky on 20 people who suffer from high cholesterol level (more than 260 milligrams per deciliter of blood), patients were given a quarter of a cup of blue and spotted beans per day. The result was that total cholesterol dropped by an average of 19% in just three weeks, this has reduced the risk of heart attack by almost 40%. It is worth mentioning that the Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) (i.e. the low denisty cholesterol which is the bad one) which usually causes blockage of the arteries by 24 % was reduced.

The effect of blue and spotted beans is not limited to lowering cholesterol level, but that all types of beans, including brown, red and white, even the canned beans have the effect. .

In a study conducted at the University of Kentucky on 40 men of the patients suffer from high cholesterol level, each person eats one cup of beans in a tomato sauce every day for three weeks. The result was that the total cholesterol has dropped by 10.4% and triglycerides have dropped (a fat in the blood contribute to heart disease) by 10.8 %.

Dr. Jill says: “The beans are rich in fiber, and foods rich in fiber usually makes the person has the feeling of fullness, or satiation,” and one of the small studies found that people who ate beans every evening has the feeling of satiation for a longer period than those who ate potato soup.

Beans effect is not limited to lower cholesterol and triglycerides but is based on maintaining the stability of the blood sugar level, which is key to control diabetes. Dr. Jill says, “Many people do not realize how useful that grain for patients with diabetes.” Eating between half to three-quarters of a cup of beans a day is proven that it clearly improves the stability of blood sugar level.

Beans are considered, in addition to its richness in protein, rich in complex carbohydrates which digested more slowly. This means that glucose enters the bloodstream a little bit, which helps sugar level to remain constant. Whereas beans are rich in fibers, studies have shown that a diet rich in fibers soluble in body fat makes the body secretes insulin receptor sites, those small ports to which insulin molecules cling. The result is entering lot of insulin molecules in each cell separately where it is important for cells, and its level is decreased is in the bloodstream, where it can cause serious problems.

In a British study, it was given some people three-quarters of an ounce of a variety of grains, including regular and lima beans, string beans, lentils or other high-carbohydrate foods, such as bread and pasta. It has been found that after half an hour, the blood sugar level for people ate the grain reached half the blood sugar level in those who ate a high-carbohydrate food.

The beans provide us with another benefit where Dr. Jill says: “The diabetic patient has higher possibility to get heart disease than non-diabetic patient by six times. But eating more beans will maintain the low blood sugar level in diabetic patients and hence reduce the possibility to get heart diseases for them.

Beans beat cancer

Studies confirmed that the beans, rich in fibers and have low fat content, is the best food that fight cancer. Beans contain some compounds such as “to Lignans “, isoflavines, Saponins, Phylic acid and protease inhibitors which prove that they inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These plant compounds prevent normal cells from turning cancerous cells and prevent the growth of.

Soybeans is more unique than other legumes due to its richness in Genistein and Daidzein. Experts believe that these 2 compounds play a role in cancer prevention. These compounds are known as plant estrogen, which is a weak form of estrogen that our bodies secrete in a natural way. Scientists believe that these compounds help in reduction of the risk of breast and prostate cancers, by disabling the activity of testosterone and estrogen, which are male and female hormones that may cause stimulation of cancerous tumors growth.

Scientists attribute the reason that Portuguese women’s risk of cancer reduced to the half that faced by white women in Portuguese origin families that eats beans daily.

Dr. Cohen and his colleagues conducted a study in which they examined the food of 214 ladies of white and African Americans and Portuguese people. They found that Portuguese women eats larger quantities of grains and beans, about 7.4 rations per week, compared to African-American women who eat 4.6 rations per week, and the white women who eat less than three food rations every week. Dr. Cohen says, “The grain is a major source of fiber for Portuguese women” The researchers noted that Portuguese women eat 25% of the dietary fiber from grain, which means double the daily average.

Meat of healthy human

People used to call grains “the meat of the poor”, but we can call it with a more accurate name which is Meats of healthy human. Grains are rich in proteins the same as red meat, but unlike meat, it is low in fat, especially saturated fat characterized by its risk because they clog arteries.

For example, if a cup of black beans contains less than 1 gram of fat, less than 1% of it comes from saturated fat. On the other side, three ounces of red meat or grilled sirloin contain 15 grams of fat, 22% of which is of the saturated kind.

Grain also is a great source of vitamins and essential minerals. Half a cup of black beans contains, for example, 128 micro-grams – or 32% of the daily needed amount – of folic acid which is one of B vitamins) which reduces the risk of heart disease and resist birth defects. These same quantity contains 2 milligrams of iron – or 11% of the daily amount, and 305 milligrams of potassium – or 9% of the daily amount. It has been proven that potassium is one of the minerals that help in controlling blood pressure in a natural way.

To obtain the maximum benefit

Look for fiber. Practically all dried grains are a good source of fiber, however some special types of it stand out in this field. Half a cup of black beans, for example, contains 6 grams of fiber. The chickpeas, cowpea and lima beans contain about 7 grams of fiber. and cowpea is the best, which contains 8 grams of fiber.

Enjoy canned grains. Do not have time to soak and cook dry beans or grains? No problem, as the canned dry beans have the same usefulness as a doctor Jill says. But it is rich in sodium, so it must filtrate it of fluids and wash it well before use.

Use the spices which frees the body of gas. Does your fear prevent you from uncomfortable and even embarrassing gases to understand nutritional benefits of beans? You can try spicing beans with thyme or one teaspoon of ground ginger. These spices – according to university studies – help to reduce the effects of the stimulation of gases by beans.

In the kitchen

If you deliberately don’t approach the shelves of dry beans at the supermarket because you do not have time to waste it in the soaking and boiling and waiting, you should consider this. It is not necessary at all to take on your shoulders to prepare beans from the beginning task and therefore it takes a full day, as a doctor, “Patty Jill,” says specialist certified nutrition and nutritional consultant for diabetic patients at the University of “Kentucky” in the “Lexington” and author of “magic pills.” You can save hours of cooking time.

1) Wash the beans in a colander and put them in a large pot and cover with water. Put it on heater until boil, then reduce heat to medium-class and let it boil for ten minutes.

2) Filtrate beans and cover with 2 inches of water again (“Getting rid of the water in which beans has been boiled may save you from sugars that produce gases that contained in beans” as a doctor Jill explains”).

3) Soak beans for half an hour and wash it then filtrate, then cover with fresh water again. Boil for two hours or until become brittle.


The Doctors Book of Food Remedies – by Selene Yeager


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