Therapeutic Power of Barely|low cholesterol|Cancer and blood clot protection

Therapeutic Power of Barley

Greatest heart pills

Therapeutic power:

Help to:

  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Reduce blood clots formation
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce the risk of cancer developing

If you are one of the people who like to eat more vitamin (E) ,you may have heard about (tocotrienols).And tocotrienols like vitamin (E) ,is one of the antioxidants; that is, they serve to minimize the damage that happens to the body as a result of the dangerous oxygen molecules called free radicals, and barley is one of the richest sources of these compounds.

Says Dr. “David J..A.Jenkins” a professor of nutritional science and medicine at the University of” Toronto:- “tocotrienols is considered more powerful anti-oxidant than other forms of vitamin (E), where the effectiveness of these materials in fighting free radicals Outperforms the effectiveness of other species by 50%”. This means that they are effective in the fight against heart disease.

This material fights heart disease in two ways: First, prevents free radicals from oxidation, a process by which low-density lipid protein (LDL) is manufactured, Which is so harmful type of cholesterol that may stick to the walls of arteries, second, these materials operate according to the liver work to reduce the body’s secretion of cholesterol.

Barley also contains compounds called “lignan”, which also has the capabilities to work as antioxidants, so it provides more protection and prevention.According to the doctor “Lilian Thompson,” a professor of nutritional science at the University of “Toronto”, these compounds are useful for preventing blood clots formation, and thus they reduce the risk of heart disease.

Finally, barley is rich in selenium, and vitamin (E).In spite of that research results are still mixed, however, there is growing evidence that both helps to prevent cancer.In fact, some researchers believe that selenium may protect against cancer in an optimal manner when combined with other antioxidants, which are found in abundance in barley as we have seen.

The one cup of granulated cooked barley contains 36 milligrams of selenium, more than half the daily amount, and five international units of vitamin (E), which means 17% of the daily amount.

Protection of fibre:-

In addition to its usefulness in reducing the damage caused by cholesterol low-density lipid protein (LDL) , the barley has another benefit in maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels.This is because barely is rich in “beta glucan” which is a type of soluble fibre that forming gelatinous material that found in the small intestine.Cholesterol unites with this gelatinous material, and thus comes out of the body with it.

The benefit of soluble fibre exceeds lowering cholesterol, where these fibres combine with carcinogens in the small intestine and prevents its absorption, and because the fibre absorbs a lot of the colon water, it helps to digest more effectively, and thus prevents constipation.

Get the maximum benefit:-

Buy the full barley (with shell).Although the granulated barley is more common types of barley in grocery stores in America , this type has been processed more than five times to remove the outer shell filled with healthy materials and bran layer.

Then the optimal choice from a health standpoint is peeled barley.This peeled barely is deemed to be the best source of fibre, minerals and thiamine (vitamin which is necessary for the nervous system).It also has a taste similar to walnuts taste more than processed types.And you can find peeled barley in health food stores .

Try baked barley.If if you are not fond of cooked barley, it is unlikely that you will strengthen to drink a cup of barley a day.And it is the amount recommended by Dr. “Jenkins” in order to get a higher percentage of the therapeutic power.Here’s another way to eat more Barley: Add Barley to baked goods.You can replace three cups of flour with 1.5 cup of barley flour, or add the barley to cakes and pies or bread.The barley will give these foods the taste of walnuts, and at the same time will gives you the fibre and nutrients that you’ll get from white flour alone.

In the kitchen: –

Unlike rice and wheat, which are of mild taste, the barley is characterized by the sharp taste and strong, which complements the high-flavour such as slowly cooked lamb meat or mushroom soup, but it is prepared the same way, which other grains are prepared with, and that by mixing with water and left to boil and covered until they become fragile seeds .Here are some tips:

Make a plan for expansion. The one cup of dry barley will increase to become four times that amount during cooking, so be sure to use a larger pot.

Slow down until the barley become fragile. The grated barley can be solid and its cooking becomes slowly, so they must soaked for one day before cooking, and the solid crust of the granulated barley is peeled and does not need to be soaked.

Add it to other foods. Even with the preparation of barley in a good way, although it can be chewed, and therefore it is rarely to be presented as a separate dish.So most chefs prefer to prepare barley in advance and then add it to the soup or gravy.

Mushroom barley soup:-


1 tablespoon of olive oil

2 cups of grated onion or – sliced

1 medium carrot, small strips

1 cup of peeled barley

2 cans (16 ounces in each box) of chicken soup, low-sodium, fat skimmed.

3 cups of water.

2 teaspoon of the dried and ground rosemary.

8/1 teaspoon of salt.

Each ration contains:

265 calories

2.8 grams of fat

1.7 saturated fat

5 milligrams of cholesterol

185 milligrams of sodium

11 grams of Dietary fibre

You have to heat the oil in a Dutch oven on medium heat.Add onion, mushrooms, and carrots.Reduce the heat to half and continue in cooking, and stir the content from time to time for five minutes or until the onion softens.

Stir barley, soup, water, rosemary and salt.Let it boils.Reduce heat and cover the pot partly .And continue to cook for one hour to one hour and a half or until barley becomes fragile.

Enough for 4 main rations

Note to chef: You can freeze this soup well and save it for several months.

Mushroom barley soup:-

Selene Yeager: The Doctors Book of food Remedies.


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