The introduction of the series|The Country of Human Body (CHB)

The country of Human Body Series

Introduction of the series

When you decide to study science, chemistry, physics, biology, or whatever science branch you want to study, you should ask yourself why do I study this branch? And you should find the answer. If you don’t ask yourself this question, then you will feel that there is something wrong and you can’t understand what you read because you don’t know how this help you and you don’t know the benefits of or how you use what you read or study. You will feel that you are reading fragments of science that are not related to each other.

To draw a very beautiful image or painting, you should put all the details together one by one and each detail should be in the right place to get the whole image or to finish a beautiful one. Studying also looks like painting. To understand a science branch, you should know all the details about this branch and you will do. However, if you don’t know why do you study this branch? you will not be able to put each detail in the right place but when you know the reason or the goal of what you study, you will be able to know how each detail serves the goal of the science branch you study.

Let’s take physiology as an example. Many science or medicine students hate physiology because they don’t know the benefits or utilities of studying physiology and what physiology wants you to know or what is the goal of physiology? When I tell you that I will explain immunity system to you, you will be happy because you will love immunity because you know the goal of the immunity system, which is the defense. When I tell you that we will study liver, you know that I will tell you about its structure, functions and diseases and you will understand all details and you will be happy. But, what about physiology? Do you know what I will explain to you in physiology? DO YOU KNOW THE GOAL OF STUDYING PHYSIOLOGY? If you do not know, then I am sure that you hate physiology or you don’t like it? But, I will tell you. Physiology tells you about the automatic coordination between body organs. It will tell you how the body organs work in harmony to maintain stable body conditions. How they coordinate between each other to survive. It will tell you how your HUMAN BODY COUNTRY WORKS.

You may say to me “SO, WHAT? What are the benefits of knowing the automated coordination system between the body organs?”. This question, specifically, can be asked from Medical laboratory scientist or specialists because they do not know how physiology will serve the medical laboratory science or how they can use physiology in their work. LET ME tells you the benefits; when you know the system of the country or anything, you will be an expert in the diagnosis of any problem in that system. For example, a lawyer is the one you will ask for his help, if you have a problem with the law. This is because the lawyer is the one who knows the system of the country well, more than you are, and he knows how to solve this problem. In addition, there are good lawyers and poor lawyers, depending on the experience and how much the lawyers know the details of the law. If you know physiology or the system of your body, then you will be able to understand any problem and help in the diagnosis by the laboratory testing. THAT’s IT and THAT WHY YOU SHOULD STUDY PHYSIOLOGY.

So, in this series, we will study medicine and medical laboratory branches in a new way which is easy to understand and easy to remember. We will get all the details to paint a good picture and will make them related to each other to remember most of what you read.



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