Physiology-the law|Know your human body country(CHB)|CH1|

Chapter one

Knowing you human body country

I) Introduction

Note: In the introduction of our series; the country of the human body, we said that will study medicine and medical laboratory branches in a new way which is easy to understand and easy to remember. This is the start. We start with physiology, then we will publish other branches

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1) The country of The Human Body:-

Yes, you read the title right. Your body is like an independent country. SO, how can you describe the systems and ministries or agencies of this country? Your body looks like any country because it consists of the following: –

The President is called the BRAIN that lives in his Presidency which called the skull and in which the hypothalamus is found which for now can be considered as the President Secretary. You can know about hypothalamus when we will talk about the Endocrine system-The Government in the series of the country of the human body.

  • The government is the endocrine system because it controls all other organs by its orders. We will call these orders hormones.
  • The Country Agencies, these are the organs. For example, the heart, which is the engine that pumps blood, is the Public transportation agency and the arteries and veins are the tunnels.
  • The People, they are the cells and they are functioning people.
  • The Borders, the skin is the border.
  • The country systems, these are, for example, the energy system, which is the biochemistry and physiology, is the law and constitution that is applied and coordinated automatically between the functions of all agencies and we can consider it as THE AUTOMATED COORDINATION SYSTEM or THE AUTOMATION SYSTEM.

You can say that physiology can be considered as the law or the constitution rather than coordination system. It can be considered like the law but coordination system is the more suitable name because the difference between the law and the automatic coordination system is that laws can be changed without harming the country but in your human body country if the laws are changed, diseases will occur. This means that in your human body country, the law of nature is the law that automates the coordination between all natural processes. SO, we choose the name, automated coordination system or the automation system, for the system of your human body country.

You may ask about the intelligence agency in your human body country. The intelligence agency investigates and tries to discover any security problems that threat the stability of the country and report to the police or the army. There are internal intelligence agency and external intelligence agency. The internal one is part of the immunity system and the external one is a universal intelligence agency established by humans or by cooperation between other countries or human bodies. This universal intelligence agency is called the CLINICAL or MEDICAL LABORATORY. This universal agency tries to help any human body country to discover the problems that threaten the life of the country and provide the help needed. So, in our world of human body countries, you can call the MEDICAL or CLINICAL LABORATORY: the INTERPOL😊.

We tell you a brief description about your human body country. We will talk in some details about the government, each agency or system in the rest of our series; THE COUNTRY OF THE HUMAN BODY. However, in this book, we will talk about physiology, which is THE LAW and  AUTOMATED COORDINATION SYSTEM or THE AUTOMATION SYSTEM.

In this book, we will talk about the automated coordinating mechanisms that apply the law of your country automatically to make your system stable to live. For example, when your people (cells) need energy, a certain message will be sent to the president saying “hey, we are starving”. This is called hunger feeling. This will make you search for food and this is the mechanism that makes your PRESIDENT (The BRAIN) knows that the country needs food. Also, when your cells feel cold, you search for warmth. Thus, the automated coordination system (or physiology) makes the human body in an automated harmony, to supply the needs of your people (cells), to live, reproduce and maintain the harmony of the country systems.

2) Let’s introduce the People:-

The person (called Cell) is the unit of your country (body). As in any country in the real world, not all people, in your country or body, are the same. Actually, there are different groups or types of cells or people. This difference is very useful for your country to stay alive because each group performs one or a few particular functions. This variation in functions makes the automation and harmony of your country system and it is the secret of life.

Also as any country, your cells or people are not the same in structure and functions but all of them are the same in certain basic characters. For instance, they all eat in the same way, where they use the same mechanism for conversion of carbohydrate, fats, and proteins into energy by the reaction with oxygen and then deliver the end products or wastes of these chemical reactions or mechanisms into the transportation system, which is the blood. In addition, they all have the ability to reproduce by the same mechanism but each group will produce new persons or cells of the same type. Actually, when cells of a particular type (i.e. persons of a particular group) are destroyed or died due to any reason, the remaining cells of this type (the remaining persons) reproduce to generate new cells or persons until the supply is replenished to save their kind and continue in performing their function to save the life of the country.


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