Manual Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test: INTRODUCTION- The Method Only

Manual Complete blood count (CBC)-The Method Only

I) Introduction:

It is nice to write to you again …. Here, in this topic we will talk about the complete blood count test. We will talk about the manual test only without any interpretation of results.

What is CBC?

It is a blood test performed to give an overview about your health or in other words give a general picture of your health condition and hence some people call this test a complete blood picture.

We say that it gives an overview or general picture of your health condition because it track the changes in blood cells that caused by a wide variety of disease such as anemia which is already caused by many factors.

Why you can do this test?

  • To get a general picture about your health condition: if you are from people who follow up on your doctor to check up about your health, then your doctor will recommend to do CBC test.
  • Some medical conditions require it for diagnosis or confirming diagnosis: there are some conditions that your doctor need a CBC test to diagnose such as weakness, fatigue, fever, inflammation, bruising or bleeding and if your doctor suspects that you have an infection, he will recommend CBC test to confirm his diagnosis.
  • To follow up a medical condition: If your doctor’s diagnosis is a blood disorder that affects the blood cells, then your doctor will recommend CBC to monitor your condition
  • To see the effect of some treatment: your doctor may recommend you a medication that may affect your blood cells, therefore he will recommend that you should do CBC to be sure your medication will not harm you.

What is the preparation needed before test?

complete blood count test doesn’t require any preparation before doing it which means that you can eat, drink and take your medication if present before the test… But if you want to do additional tests form the same sample taken from you to perform the CBC test and these additional tests require any preparation so you should follow the instruction of the laboratorian for the required preparation.

This introduction is for any people that want to know little about CBC test …. But if you a medical lab specialist, you may need to get deep in the following part to know how you can do the test manually and also know how each equation is derived and how to conclude these equations.

Will be continued int the second partthe CBC: THE TEST

Read the manual CBC test: THE test – the method only


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