Insertion of foley caster into a bladder

Insertion of foley caster into a bladder

The indwelling catheter is a soft, flexible, hollow plastic (silastic) tube. A nurse or doctor will insert this tube into the bladder through the urethra. The urethra is the opening where urine drains from the bladder. Because of the risk of infection the perineal area (woman) or penis (male) is cleaned with an antiseptic lotion and the procedure is done under sterile conditions. A sterile soluble lubricant is used to ease the passage of the catheter however momentary discomfort is not uncommon. For males a local anaesthetic lubricant is often inserted into the penis as the length of the urethra makes this procedure more uncomfortable for men. Once the catheter is inside the bladder a small balloon, at the tip of the catheter, is filled with water so that the catheter does not fall out. The catheter is then attached to a drainage bag. The doctors and nurses looking after the patient will monitor the urinary drainage and decide when the catheter can be removed.

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