How to cure rheumatoid arthritis

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How to cure arthritis by food:


Here is one of the old traditional Chinese method to treat arthritis. Put 100 snakes in 5 liters of red wine and leave it for 3 months. Drink 3 times per day for 6 to 12 weeks.

You may think that this method is weird but, and also Physicians had a sense that any cure for arthritis by food has the same weirdness as this non delicious drink.

Although there is no definite food to mitigate arthritis for all people, doctors, these days, realize that what we eat – or what we don’t eat – help in some cases to mitigate the suffer and the disease development.

It is not one disease but many diseases:

Arthritis – that cause pain, stiffness and swelling in and around the joints – doesn’t consider one disease but it is many diseases. And the most common arthritis type is erosion of the articular surfaces (inflammation of the articular bone) that leads to erosion and fragmentation of joint cartilage. And when the cartilage is eroded, the bones rub with each other causing pain and stiffness in fingers, knee, foot and back.

There is more severe type of this disease which is the rheumatoid arthritis (Like rheumatism) which occurs when the immune system attack the body instead of protecting it. These attacks cause swelling of the membrane lining the joints, which finally eroded at the joint cartilage, and this type of arthritis is the type that affected by many foods.

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