Health benefits and therapeutic power of BEETS

Health benefits and therapeutic power of BEETS

Better life with the Russian soup

beets soup

Therapeutic power:

Help to:

Protect against cancer

Prevention of birth defects

When you think of healthy meals, the Russian foods never come to your mind.

In fact, this is not surprising. There is no blame, when we believe that foods, such as cabbage cooked with butter, or potatoes prepared in complex ways, do not look like healthy food.

However, there traditionally Russia food that is worthy of further consideration, which is a Russian soup, which is served either hot or cold. This sweet taste and red soup is made of fresh beets, and this is full of nutritious substances that are resistant to birth defects and protect from cancer.

Beet leads the revolution on cancer: –

Medicine is packed with stories that revolve around the use of beet juice to fight cancer. Despite the need for more research in this regard, scientists are suspicious of that compound that gives beets fruits that rich red color – “Betacyanin “- may be a strong factor in the resistance of malignant tumors.

Beet juice is used in Europe to treat cancer, as the pigment in beets may have anti-cancer properties.

In one of the studies conducted to prove how effective the beet against cancer, the researchers doing tests on beet juice along with other vegetable juices against chemicals that cause cancer.. Beet juice alongside other juices has been ranked on the top of the list of materials that prevent the transformation of cells that leads to cancer.

Not a lot of studies on the beets are conducted, as happened with broccoli or other vegetables, but the evidences found are enough to it add to your menu.”

Source of folic acid: –

If there is one element of food that women can not get enough from it, it will be folic acid, one of B vitamins. Women are not eating enough lentils, spinach or other foods rich in folic acid to get e 400 micro-grams of folic acid which is amount needed every day.

Eating the daily amount of folic acid is essential to the growth and development of the normal tissue and to prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer. In addition, doctors have found that folic acid is the best friend of the pregnant woman because it helps to prevent birth defects.

A half cup of boiled beet slices contain 45 micro-grams of folic acid – or approximately 11% of the daily amount.

Increase iron stores: –

The amount of iron in the beet can not be compared by the iron content of other food that rich in minerals item such as low-fat beef. But if you are among the millions of Americans who limit their intake of meat or never eat it, then you should consider eating beets.

To obtain the maximum benefit: –

Do overcook beets. Studies show that the temperature reduce the anti malignant tumors strength of beets. So we should overcook beets in order to get the maximum effectiveness.

Try canned beets. It’s really exciting that the canned beets are nutritious, like fresh. Therefore, you can enjoy its health benefits during its planting seasons or at any time.

In the kitchen:-

Beet fruits are not considered from the vegetables that are easy to handle. Beets have strong flavor, and is characterized by rigidity, and bleeding red liquid. The cooking beets is similar to a pair of red socks between white clothes – where at that time you are aware that everything will turn into pink.

Here are some ways that make you control this type of vegetables which is characterized by stubbornness control.

Control the color. In order to make beets bleed as little as possible, Chefs advise to gently wash the fresh beets during the preparation, and not to rupture the crust because the outer layer retains most of pigments within the plant. For the same reason, you should not peel beets or remove the tips of roots or stems until it is cooked in another pot.

Buy small beets. To get the best results, you should choose small or medium-sized fruit; because they are considered thin and do not require peeling at all


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