Delay aging and Be Young by food

Delay aging and Be Young by food

Become young

When “Jean Louise Calment” was born, Ulysses S. Grant was still president of the United States and “Vincent Van Gogh” was still small and buy colored pencils in France.“Calment” – who lived until the age of 122 years – got the largest record of the long lived one on Earth – where he has exceeded the average life expectancy of 45 years

The Average life of people increases a little bit every year, and this is partly due to our success in the fight against childhood diseases such as polio and conditions for adults, such as heart disease, diabetes, but there is another reason is that scientists are beginning to uncover the aging process itself, we have begun to identify the causes that make our bodies weak and how to stop this destruction!We are trying in this process only to still alive for longer period but also to be healthy for longer time.

Said “Dr. William Borgeson”, professor of medicine at the University of “Virginia” at the Faculty of Medicine at the Virginia School of Medicine in “Richmond”: “When we understand and control the means by which our bodies generate harmful particles – which are key factors in the emergence of biological symptoms of aging – we will be able of increase the human life up to 120 years”.

The power of antioxidants:

Researchers have been able to finally determine one of the most important reasons that lead to heart disease, cancer and wrinkles, arthritis and many other problems of aging.“We get rust,” says Dr. “Borgeson”.

It is truly ironic that the air that gives us life is itself that causes iron rust and turns the fruit brown, and destroys the cells of our bodies and make the signs of aging appear. Through a series of chemical changes: the oxygen molecules in our bodies lose electrons and makes them unstable and these unstable molecules called free radicals.

The free radicals made frantic attempts to settle down in the body; by looting electrons from healthy cells throughout the body and in every time they rob electrons, two things will happen a healthy molecule is destroyed, and the number of free radicals in increased. And if you do not stop this process,the number of destroyed cells will be increased every day, and our health is paying the price.

To control this destructive process, the nature has provided us with natural armory of antioxidants which are compounds found in foods that can prevent free radicals from damaging the body. Where antioxidants settle between free radicals and healthy body cells and provide electrons to the antioxidant to prevent looting electrons of the cells of the body.

Although the body produces its own antioxidants, studies show us how the antioxidants that are found in foods provide us superior protection. There are three of the most powerful antioxidants which are “beta carotene” vitamin (C), Vitamin (E) where the effectiveness of each one of these elements against diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease, has proved, and although you can get some protection by eating supplements containing antioxidants, but most doctors agree that the antioxidants in food is a better choice and should be the first line of defense for the body.

Says Dr. “Richard Cutler” the former chemical researcher in the Research Center of aging at the National Institute of and the founder of “Jennox” company which are found out strategies to stop the damage caused by free radicals, and both in the “Baltimore”: “The problem is if you eating much from only one type of antioxidants, the other antioxidants stop working so it is better to get antioxidants from food such as fruit and vegetables where there are percentages set by nature “

As long as many of the foods are loaded with antioxidants, there is no need for taking supplements. The fastest way to get the vitamin (C) – for example – by drinking a cup of grapefruit juice or orange or half a cup of sweet red pepper, as each class of those given more than 100% of the daily required amount. For beta-carotene, fruits and vegetables with dark green color or light orange color are the best choices. Only one fruit of the sweet potato or carrot large fruit provide the body between 12 or 15 milligrams of this element, and this is a higher percentage than that experts advise taking it by 6 to 10 milligrams.

In contrast to vitamin (C) and beta-carotene, vitamin (E) is difficult to be obtained from food because there is mainly in high-fat foods such as: vegetable oils that are best to avoid them. But you can get a small amount of vitamin (E) from the wheat germ, where a quarter of a cup provide the body with 4 milligrams of this vitamin, which equals 20% of the daily amount. The nuts and seeds are considered a good source of vitamin (E ).

And despite of the fact that these aforementioned nutrients are essential antioxidants, that there are other types, where fruits and vegetables are full of plant compounds called phytonutrients, which owns some of the capabilities of antioxidants and it is proved that some plant nutrients hinder carcinogens also.

In one study conducted at the University of “Michigan” in “Ann Arbor” the researchers found that those who ate a large amount of “glutathione” – the nutritious plant compound found in avocado and grapefruit and winter pumpkin, oranges, tomatoes and potatoes – their blood pressure and cholesterol are reduced and maintained healthy weights more than those who ate small amounts of this compound.

Dr”Cutler” says, : that ” eating large amounts of antioxidants will not guarantee that you will live till 150 years, but only will help you to enjoy with healthy life throughout the years of your life. “

Permanent youth

In the time when it is important to eat a healthy diet to avoid the symptoms of aging, you also need to modify your eating habits as the years pass, where as the years passed, your dietary needs have changed strikingly.

Says Dr “Susan.A.neitzke “: nutrition expert and assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of “Wisconsin : “When we grow, secretion of saliva is reduced and therefore digestion and swallowing food become difficult and also we suffer changes in taste and appetite so, we don’t eat much and secretion of the acid of the stomach is reduced, and this means that we do not digest food well and do not absorb food as before. “

In one study conducted on 205 older people – and many of them were suffering from a weakened immune system – the researchers found in the “Newfoundland” that about a third of them suffer from deficiency of iron, zinc, derivatives of folic acid, vitamin (B12), protein, or some of these nutrients combined. But these problems can be easily corrected, where when the person eats the necessary food, the level of his immune cells that fight disease will increase.

Says Dr. “Borgeson “: “Doctors do not always examine adult undernutrition. This is unfortunate, because a simple lack of food can be misunderstood as a serious disease. I have seen people who thought they suffer from problems with aging and assumed that they can not take care of themselves, while they suffer really is a shortage of food “

Zinc is an example minerals that essential to maintain the integrity of the immune system, but it’s also one of the nutrients that requires large amounts of stomach acid to beabsorbed. So when the level of this acid decreased, eating appropriate amounts of zinc becomes a problem, and it also confirms Dr. “Natzak”, which adds that this also applies to people who take anti-acids

The easiest way to get the zinc which the body needs is to take a plate of steamed clams. The six small amounts of oysters provide the body with about 77 milligrams of zinc, which equals 513% of the daily required amount. The Crab is also useful, as three ounces include 7 milligrams of zinc, which equals 47% of the daily amount.

Many of the elder face problems in getting vitamin (B), which is essential in maintaining the integrity of the nerves and the brain. Says Dr. “Borgeson”: “When you grow old, the wall of the stomach is changed and make it difficult to absorb nutrients. So after the age of fifty five, it is easy to suffer from the deficiency of vitamin (B6) in particular. “

The potato, banana are considered the best options to get vitamin (B6), Where one potato provide the body with 0.5 mg of this vitamin, which is 25% of the daily amount, and the banana fruit contains is 0.7 mg, or 35% of the daily amount. In order to get more folate (and also vitamin B ) you should eat vegetables and beans, especially beans sprinkled and cowpeas.  Half a cup of this grain gives the body more than 100 milligrams of folate – also called folic acid or vitamin (B9) or vitamin (Bc) – which equals 25% of the daily amount. And spinach are a good source of folate, where one cup of it, is equivalent to a cup of beans from this element.Finally you can get vitamin (B12 ) from meat and other types of meat. And Limpet sits on the throne of these foods; where twenty of the small boiled “Limpet”contain 89 micrograms of vitamin (B12), which equals 1483% of the daily amount.

When bones aging , it is necessary to obtain additional amounts of calcium to protect it from becoming fragile. Says Dr. “Neitzak”: “A lot of people think that they can not eat dairy products because their bodies can not afford lactose in it, but the fact that most people can eat moderate amounts of products made of milk without suffer any problems.”

The low-fat dairy and cheese skimmed yogurt are best sources by which you can get this nutrient which helps build bones. One cup of yogurt which is free of fat contains 415 milligrams of calcium, or 41% of the daily required amount.The skimmed milk useful as well, as it contains one cup of it to 302 milligrams of calcium, or 30% of the daily amount.

The iron is a metal that it is difficult to obtain the correct quantities of it. Says Dr. “Neitzak”: “Some people do not get a sufficient proportion of iron, while others get a lot of it, so it is recommended to ask your doctor to hold you a blood test to test for anemia, and If you need more iron you will find it easily”. low-fat red meat and sea foods contain a large proportion of iron in the words as the doctor said. Also the cream of wheat and other grains are useful, where each meal provides 5 milligrams of iron, or 29% of the daily amount.

Reduce the food, and live a longer life:

Although the fact that we may need to eat a lot of certain foods in order to live longer, the researchers have discovered that the opposite may also be true, where people who eat less, live sometimes a bit longer life.

Research has shown that animals that live on a diet of a specific calorie, their blood pressure is reduced and the level of high density lipoprotien (HDL) is increased and has a lower level of blood fats that are dangerous (triglycerides) rather than the ones that eat everything, as f Dr. “George Ruth”said World Center for Aging Research. In fact, people who both are thin and eat low-fat meat live longer than people avid about 30%

Dr.”Ruth”said: “We believe that one of the successful methods of reducing calories by changing the metabolism in animals so make them eat only to survive, and this is in order to use the energy gained in a more efficient manner. We are now testing caloric reduction on mammals, which will provide us with a better guide to the success of that process on humans.” So far, all the evidence – such as low blood pressure and the level of Cholesterol – indicate that it will be useful.

This research is still in its infancy, so it might be a mistake to begin to reduce the calories if you enjoy a healthy weight


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