Benifits and harmful effects of Artificial sweeteners

Benifits and harmful effects of Artificial sweeteners

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Scientists have begun more than ninety years in the search for materials give the sweetness of sugar, but without providing the body by calories, and soon discovered these materials, which delighted fans drinking cola, and chewing gum, and snacks; For the first time they could indulge in the desire of eating candy without increasing weight.

The artificial sweeteners these days – such as the “Saccharin” and “aspartame” and ” Acesulfame” – used in the sweetening of millions of cups of tea and coffee each year.

What characterize artificial sweeteners is the molecular shape.Although she caressed the buds of the sweet taste on your tongue, but they do not add to your diet almost no calories (between zero to four calories by type).The artificial sweeteners for sugar chemically different and therefore do not cause the same problems, so says Dr. “Stanley Segal,” a professor of nutrition and food science at the University, “Drexel” in “Philadelphia.”

When you eat sugary foods, the bacteria multiply rapidly in the mouth produce acids that damage tooth enamel that covers the teeth.But artificial sweeteners do not work on the growth of these bacteria.Accordingly, if you replaced those artificially sweetened foods by those containing natural sugar, your teeth will be less exposed to corrosion.

In addition, artificial sweeteners are considered a real gift for diabetics.Unlike natural sugar, which cause sserious fluctuations of blood sugar, the artificial sweeteners do not affect this ratio at all, says Dr. “Segal”: “It’s very useful, especially when we talk about soft drinks, where the artificial sweeteners allow diabetics to enjoy these drinks without exposure the risk of diabetes. “

Harmful effects of artificial sweeteners:

Despite the usefulness of artificial sweeteners, they failed to perform its primary mission, which is to help people to enjoy dessert without gaining weight.The weight of those who ate sugar increased after eating the artifical sweeteners, so says Dr. “Christina M. Stark,” nutrition expert accredited in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University “Cornell” in “Ithaca” in “New York”

In one high-profile studies at the “Harvard” University, , which was conducted on 80,000 nurses, researchers found a best indicators that predict weight gain is the amount of what women eat from “saccharin”.One of the studies conducted lately also revealed that the weights of those who use artificial sweeteners has increased by two pounds on average, compared to those who did not eat sweeteners.

And despite the fact that artificial sweeteners may add a little bit of calorie or may not add any calories, they will only help you lose weight if it has been used instead of sugar.The doctor “Stark”explained, by saying that: “Since the advent of artificial sweeteners, the consumption of both sugar and artificial sweeteners has increased significantly, we add sweeteners to sugar we eat, and thereby increasing the total calories that we eat.”

Dr. “Segal” adds that artificial sweeteners help you lose weight if we used intelligently, it can assume, for example, that the phrase “sugar free” means “no calories” The cake made ​​from artificial sweeteners may not contain the calories of sugar, but may contain a lot of calories of fat and other carbohydrates in addition to sugar.

Doctor , “Segal”says The error committed by some people is sometimes rewarded themselves when save some calories.If you drink sugar-free cola, for example, you will avoid 100 calories and about 30 grams of sugar.But that will not help you if you drink high-calorie after that.

Diet warning

Attack on aspartame

The local industrial aspartame , one of the miracles of Food Technology.Because it is made ​​from two amino acids, it is sweeter than sugar by about 200 times, however it does not provide the body by any calories approx.

However, it was the subject of criticism and attack over the years because of the belief that it leads to serious problems such as Inability to focus and heart attack.While the research showed that “aspartame”is not the cause of these cases, aspartame leads to some risks, at least among a small number of people

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the “Atlanta” follows the problems related to “aspartame” for a long time.It discovered that it cause some headaches or heart palpitations or swelling of the face or hands, or feet with other problems.

Also one of the small studies discovered that people who have a history of depression appear to have more serious symptoms when consuming only 30 milligrams (about one package) of aspartame per day.

If you are experiencing sensitivity of aspartame, the only solution is to read the label carefully and avoiding any food containing this substance.


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