Basics to Search on Google Effectively

How to search Google

Google is the most powerful and effective search engine and also Google chrome is the most powerful internet browser when you use chrome you will feel that you control the world
In this topic we will know the magnificent features of Google search engine and we will learn about the power of Google Chrome in another topic.
The main rule to search Google engine is to choose the best and good query and use the next simple tips to narrow your search results and get the most suitable and best search results for your query.

 Quick Search Tips:

1) Complete Phrase:

for example when you search about Clinical Medicine, google will show you in the search page any links for pages containing the 2 words separated or as a one phrase or even the links for pages containing one ord of them only but if you want to show the pages that contain the complete phrase, you just put the 2 words between double quotes.
For Example: clinical medicine  
you can use this method with any of the following tips
See the images before the double quotes (click to open)

2) Exclude:

If we want to search about clinical medicine but want to see the pages contain information about clinical medicine and  don’t contain information about physiology,  so you will write the following in google search box:
For example: Clinical medicine  – physiology

3) Search specific site:

If you want to read about Carbohydrate Metabolism in our site ( previously) and there is no tool  to search the site ,you can use google to search this site by typing the following
For example: carbohydrate metabolism site:
the secret is in the word site:

4) Search your topic in a specific file format:

for example if you search for slid show about clinical medicine, you should search for files with the extension PPT or PPS, so you should write the following:
For example: Clinical medicine filetype:PPT

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 5) Search for definition of scientific or non-scientific words:

If we want to see the definition of clinical medicine, you can simply write:
For example: define: clinical medicine
you can see the blue highlighted area that google show you the definition directly and if you want to see the definition on other websites you can click more info (the red highlighted area)
–  but this works only on and not on
– Don’t capitalize the word define: 

ِAfter you click more Info

Useful tips in other functions rather than search:

1) Google calculator:

you just only write the mathematical operation you need
For example: 12*12

2) knowing the weather:

simply write your town and the weather after it as follow:
for example: Cairo weather

3) Knowing Time:

simply write your town and the weather after it as follow:
for example: Cairo time

4) Measure Unit conversion:

you just only write the units conversion operation you need as follow:
For example: 6 kilogram to grams

5) Currency conversion:

you just only write the currency conversion operation you need as follow:
For example: 1 dollar to Egyptian bound
you can write it 1USD to EGP


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