Banana nutrition facts

Banana nutrition facts

Rich in potassium


Therapeutic power: –

Help to:

Reduce the risk of stroke

Reduce high blood pressure

Mitigation of acidity

Prevention of ulcers

Accelerate recovery from diarrhea

Studies have shown that the fruit that exist under this slippery crust could do wonders for our health, Bananas benefits in the prevention of several cases, including heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and infection.Bananas also help in the recovery and the healing of ulcers.

There is nothing preventing eating large quantities of bananas,men and women and children already eating nearly 27 pounds of bananas each year.Perhaps after that you know the health benefits of bananas, you may want to increase this amount to 28 lbs.

Eating bananas for the heart:-

If you are experiencing a rise in blood pressure in the recent years, it might be time for a holiday in one of the tropics.If you can not, and if the sun and sea waves can’t reduce your blood pressure, the bananas will certainly do so.

Banana is one of the best natural sources of potassium, where each fruit of bananas provide the body with about 396 milligrams, which means11% of the daily amount of this essential mineral.The study shows again that people who eat foods rich in potassium, the risk of high blood pressure and its related diseases such as heart attacks and stroke. will be lower significantly

Even if you have high blood pressure already, eating lots of bananas may reduce significantly or even save you from the need to take blood pressure medications, and this, according to what scientists say in the University of Naples in Italy.The researchers believe that one of the ways to make banana maintains low blood pressure is that it protects against formation of a layer that stick to the walls of the arteries, which increases the possibility of a chemical process accumulation.Perhaps this is the reason that the banana is restricted in the prevention against sclerosis; this sclerosis, which is one of the factors that lead to high blood pressure and the incidence of heart attack, stroke and stroke.

The nice thing is that there is no need that the person eats large quantities of bananas in order to receive these benefits – as Doctor “David b.Young ” says ; a professor of physiology and biophysics at the medical center of the University of” Mississippi ” in ” Jackson “- where eating just three to six rations do the mission and achieve the goal.

Dr. “Young” adds : “Studies have shown that a person can get the maximum benefit from eating small amounts.My advice is to be considered potassium-rich foods such as love and money; you are not able to get a lot of them. “

For Stomach Comfort:

Although we need more research in this regard, but the banana may replace antacids and dyspepsia.Although experts do not know how these drugs work, but the banana seems to be working as an antidote to the natural acidity.

In addition of this, bananas benefits in the prevention and treatment of ulcers.Dr. “William Rodrman” specialist in gastroenterology, “Orlando” in Florida says: “Some studies have shown that bananas has a protective effect in the treatment of ulcers, but we need more research to know that for sure.”

Scientists believe that bananas may constitute protection against stomach damage in two ways.First, there is a chemical substance in bananas called inhibitor “protease” (enzymes breaks the proteins down) which seems to have the ability to kill harmful bacteria that cause ulcers before to grow.Secondly, banana induces the secretion of the protective mucus, which is a layer prevent strong acids to reach to thin layer lining of the stomach.

Rebalancing: –

When you get in a state of severe brunt of diarrhea, it is important that you should re-supply your body with all the vital fluids and nutrients lost due todiarrhea.The banana is the food which is fit for this compensation, says Dr. “Rodrman.”

“Rodrman”adds: “Banana is a good source of electrolytes – such as potassium – which you lose when you suffer from dehydration”. Electrolytes are metals transformed into electrically charged particles in the body, helping to control almost everything going on in the inside from the muscle contraction and fluid balance to the contraction of the heart.

Additionally, bananas contain pectin, a soluble fibers works like a sponge in the digestive tract where it absorb liquids and help to stop diarrhea fibers.

Get the maximum benefit:

You should expand the horizon.Even if you were not fond of bananas as a snack, there are various ways to get the therapeutic benefits.The people in the Caribbean and South and Central America often add banana dishes on each day beginning from the meat loaf to the food dishes in the oven.Because the banana is characterized by moderate sweetness and it succeeds with all the dishes.

You have to buy a bunch of bananas.One of the reasons for not eating a lot of bananas is the banana become soft before proceeding to eat it.Here’s a trick to reserve it in fresh condition: When bananas become soft quickly, put it in the fridge, this stops the ripening process (don’t panic when cold make banana peel turned black because the fruit from the inside will remain fresh and tasty).

And on the other side when waiting green bananas to ripen, you can accelerate the ripeningprocess.Place bananas in a brown bag at room temperature.The ethylene gas produced by the bananas in a natural way will accelerate the ripening process.

Sauteed bananas


4 ripen banana fruits but solid.

1 teaspoon of salt-free butter

1 teaspoon of canola oil.

Ground spices

Each ration contains

150 calories

2.8 grams of fat

0.9 saturated fat

3 milligrams cholesterol

2 mg sodium

2.9 grams of Dietary fiber

 The method

Peel the bananas and cut in half crosswise, then cut the halves lengthwise to be 16 pieces.

In a pan where the food does not stick, heat butter and oil over medium heat.Add bananas and cut the bottom part and complete the cooking process without moving for five minutes or until the color becomes yellow.stir the food and continue cooking for a minute or two or until the bottom turns yellow.Use a flat spoon to move the bananas from the pan and put four rations on candy dishes.distribute the spices and present it hot

Enough for 4 rations



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