avocados recipes and nutritional value

Avocados recipes and nutritional value

No longer forbidden fruit

avocado fruits

Therapeutic power

Help to:

Adjust the rate of cholesterol

Lower blood pressure

Prevention of birth defects


Avocado fruits are characterized by the most high calories content between all other fruits on this planet; where each avocado fruit contains 731 calories, it is also one of the few fruits that contain a tremendous amount of fat; approximately 30 grams per fruit .This is half the amount that the adult person should taken daily.

You might think that such food that saturated with fat can not be useful to you.But nutrition experts do not agree with you in such a view, where assert that adding a little avocado to food every day can really improve health.

Avocado is a great source of folic acid and potassium, also his fruits contain high amounts of fiber and monounsaturated fat, and both are useful for people who want to protect themselves from the risk of diabetes or heart disease.

Part of the diet for the disease of diabetes:

Doctors recommend diabetics to eat a lot of carbohydrates and reduce fat intake and this is typical.On the whole this is good advice, but it’s not necessarily the best for each person.

Doctors have discovered that when dealing with patients with diabetes, a lot of carbohydrates, triglycerides are created in their bodies;, a type of blood fat that contributes to heart disease.But the amazing thing is that when these people replace carbohydrates by fat – especially the type of fat found in avocado fruits – The bad fat have been lowered in the bloodstream.

Avocado is a fruit rich in monounsaturated fat, especially the kind that is called oleic acid (oily acid)“We found that the monounsaturated fat improve the level of fat in the body, and help to control diabetes,” Thus says the Doctor “Abhimanyu Garg,” Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Texas Medical Center, “South Western” in Dallas.

In one study, scientists in Mexico make 16 female diabetic patients follow a diet relatively of high fat, so that comes about 40% of calories from fat.Most source of of the fat is from the avocado.The result was lowering triglycerides by 20%.In contrast, triglycerides fell by only 7% among women who follow high carbohydrate plan.

Doctor says, “Garg”: “Interestingly, in that it provides us with the fruits of avocado a lot of monounsaturated fat.”The person who follows a diet that contains 200 calories a day – for example – the doctor may advise him to eat 33 grams of monounsaturated fat.Says Doctor , “Garg”: “You can get 20 grams from one avocado fruit

Useful in the case of high cholesterol level: –

eating avocado fruits does not help diabetic patients alone, where the oily acid (oleic) located in the fruits of avocado helps in lowering cholesterol in general.

In one small studies conducted in Mexico, scientists compared the effects of two types of low-fat diet to two groups of peoplewhere avocado sauce was the food for one of the two groups.The two regimes systems were similar except that one of them includes the avocado.Both systems have reduced the level of low-density lipoproteins that is harmful lipoproteins, but the food that contains avocado raises the level of high-density lipidoproteins which is beneficial for health and reduce the level of triglycerides a bit.

Another way that avocado works through it to reduce cholesterol is to add a healthy amount of fiber to the food, Dr. “Garg”. adds Fibers increase the size of the stool, and make it – with cholesterol that fibers contains – comes out of the body quickly.The one fruit of the avocados provides the body with the amount of fiber exceeds the fiber content in the muffins cake made ​​with bran by ten grams, which means that they contain 40% of the daily intake.

More help for your heart: –

Avocado fruit contains a large proportion of potassium, where half fruit contains 548 milligrams of this element; 16% of the amount daily.A ratio that exceeds what you might get it from a medium sized banana by 15%.

Studies show that people who eat potassium-rich foods such as avocados have a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure and related diseases, such as heart attack and stroke.

Doctor David B. Young” says “professor of physiology and biophysics at the University Medical Center in” Mississippi “in the” Jackson “:” You can never get a lot of potassium. “But even small additions makes significant differences, says Dr. “Young”.

A wealth of folic acid: –

Avocado is a perfect food for pregnant women, as it is rich in folic acid, which helps in the prevention of birth defects that affect the brain and spine.A lot of women do not get enough folic acid in their diets, but avocado fruits may have the ability to solve this problem; so that half of the avocado fruit contains 57 micrograms of folic acid, equals 14% of any amount daily.

And not only pregnant women who must eat the avocado sauce because everyone needs to eat folic acid.It is an essential nutrient that helps nerves to do its job in an appropriate manner and also help in resisting heart disease.

To obtain the maximum benefit: –

You have to get these fruits from Florida.Although the monounsaturated fat found in avocado fruits is useful for cholesterol, but it is not helpful to agility.So in order to receive the nutrients found in avocados without the fat, you have to buy these fruits from Florida.These fruits contain one-third of calories and half fat contain that found in avocado of California.

Know when you purchase. Another way to get the avocado with less fat in it is that you buy between November and March (i.e. harvest season).These fruits contain a third of the fat the crop harvested in September and October

Warning regarding eating avocado : – (a dangerous combination)

The people who are taking Warfarin medication, (Coumadin) – It is a heart medication that prevents blood clots – should not eat a lot of avocados.Although scientists are not yet sure what is the reason, but it seems that the natural oil found in avocado fruits undermining the work of the drug in some people at least.

In one small studies Researchers found that eating between half avocado fruit to whole fruit can make the medication less efficient.While this effect did not last long – When the people involved in the study stopped eating avocados, medicine began to work again – but that may represent a threat to some people.If you are taking this medicine, you should see a doctor before adding avocado to your menu.

In the kitchen:

Leave it to ripen.The avocado looks like a banana; where it ripens better after collecting from the tree, so it is collected and sold before it ripens.So when you take the fruit to home, leave it for a few days until be soft.

Remove the nucleus.To open the fruit you have to cut it lengthwise, wrap the knife around the nucleus, and then bend the halves in opposite directions to separate and remove the nucleus in order to enter the fork tip underneath and remove it.

Add some lemon.Once you remove the crust, avocado fruit turns to brown quickly.So you have to scatter lemon on the surface, this makes the fruit keeps its natural color.


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