Asian diet: healthy diet for losing weight and being well

Asian diet: healthy diet for Low weight and good health 


Therapeutic power

Help to:

==> Relieve menopausal disorder

==> Reduce Cholesterol

==> Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease

Americans spend every year more than 884 billion dollars on health care searching on saving youth and stay healthy.But if we actually want to improve our health, we must take some of this money and riding one of the ships going to China or Japan where studies have shown that cholesterol levels and heart disease among the population of Asian countries reduced markedly compared with those of the American population

They are also thinner, normal woman – for example – in Japan, which has a length of 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 126 pounds which means that she is less that american women which weighs 150 pounds by 24 pounds.

But what is the reason that the Japanese are in good health? There is no doubt that sport and family relationships plays a major role in this regard, but the first factor in the enjoyment of the Japaneses by good health is the traditional Asian diet , which was named the healthiest diet in the world.

Doctor “John MacDougall,”medical director of the program, “MacDougall” in hospital “Saint Helena” in “Nappy Valley” in California, and author of the book The McDougall program for a Healthy Heartsays “I have seen people who eat a diet similar to the Asian food when I was a doctor in one of the small farms in Hawaii looking after the people of the Philippines.And the older people there do not become ill, but their sons who have adopted eating habits in the U.S.they were suffer from obesity and all the diseases that we know these days. “

Asian food is amazingly simple and also will appeal any on eat itThe basis of this food is rice, and pasta, and other types of bread and grains.Usually  these foods are covered by large quantities of “Bok Choy”, mushrooms, fruits and other vegetables.Asian food also contains beans, seeds, nuts, and a few fish, eggs, chicken, and a little candy, and sometimes some meat.

We meant by Asian food, Japanese and Chinese food and food items of the countries such as Korea, India, Thailand and Vietnam, the people in all of these countries have different forms of food, but the basis or origin of food remains one.

Where is the meat?

Although the Asian food contains a lot of important ingredients , what really sets it apart may be in the absence of a lot of meat and its saturated fat and cholesterol.

People in China, for example, eat 2f pounds of beef per year as an average, while in Japan, people eat more than this, about 23 lbs beef per year.While American consumes 95 pounds of beef each year in addition to chicken and other meats, Americans get 45% of calories from fat, while in Japan this ratio does not exceed 11%.

Thus, the cholesterol levels much lower than in Asian countries, especially among those who eat traditional food, add to that the benefits of this food can be beyond that, as the decline in cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

The benefits of soy: –

Not only the absence of meat and processed foods that makes Asian food useful for health, as people in Asia eat as well as a lot of foods made ​​from soy: 3 to 4 ounces per day of the ( Tempeh ), Tofu, soy-free dough and fat and more.

There are a lot of reasons that make foods that made of soybean useful for health as confirmed by Dr. “Christopher Gardner” a researcher at the Research Center of disease prevention at the University of “Stanfor” in “Palo Alto” in California, these foods are rich of a set natural compounds called plant estrogen, which the body converts to hormone-like substances and works as a kind of weak estrogen.In women, before menopause, this weak estrogen blocks estrogen receptors, and thus reduces the amount of estrogen in the body, which in turn, reduces at least the risk of breast cancer.

At a later stage in life, estrogen alleviates menopausal symptoms – such as episodes of redness and heat – through compensation for the loss of estrogen at this stage.Therefore, Asian women rarely suffer from bouts of redness, heat, and their risk of heart disease is reduced more than this risk in women in the United States as a result of the protective effect of plant estrogen .

Foods made ​​from soy are considered as main source of protein in Asiancountries.In “China” the individual gets only 11% of the protein from meat, while the individual in America gets 69% of the protein from meat.In fact, the higher the proportion of protein that the body get from animal sources, The more excretion of calcium from the body.This may cause a problem especially for women, because the likelihood of osteoporosis is higher than that of men.

Even if you did not follow the Asian diet strictly , you will not be wrong if you eat more soy in your diet as advised by Dr. “Gardner.”

Natural interest:  the National Cancer Institute in the United States has been advised people to eat five types of fruit and vegetables per day, nutritionists remained requesting eating the required daily amount of fiber, which is 25 grams instead of the meager amount that all of us get which is 11 to 12 grams per day.

The Asian diet – rich in fruits, fresh vegetables, and other foods rich in fiber – is one of the best diets at all, people in China, for example, get 33 grams of fiber every day.This ratio pious heart of many diseases, according to what researchers says, in the College of Public Health at the “Harvard”, and who found in a study lasted for six years and was conducted on 41,000 men that people who increased their intake of fiber per day by 10 grams, their risk heart disease decreased by about 30%.

These fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin ( C ), And a group of carotenoids(including beta-carotene), and antioxidant other compounds that helps to protect the body from diseases.Studies show that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables are the least in the incidence of heart disease and cancer.

Cup of Health: –

If you go to any Asian restaurant, they will give you a jug of tea.Do not drink just one cup of tea, as researches confirms that drinking four cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.The Asians are drinking tea from the jug, and perhaps this explains the good health and activity that make Asians special.

Tea contains powerful antioxidant compounds called phenols (carbolic acid) that protects the body from diseases.The researchers found in a study conducted on 552 people in the Netherlands that people who drank five cups of black tea a day their risk of strokes is reduced by about one-third of their counterparts who drank less than 2.5 cups of tea.

Among the various types of antioxidants, phenol, that is found in tea, is characterized by its severity, and so Dr. “Gary Stoner,program director chemoprevention of cancer in the Cancer Center of the State University of “Ohio” in “Columbus”., says ” Green tea is preferred in eastern countries because it contains antioxidants that are stronger than those found in black tea.

Fish and Health: –

The state of Japan is an island, and this means that the people there eat a lot of fish, and the researchers think for years that whenever the person eat more fish, he enjoys greater health as Many studies have shown that even small amounts of fish – the amount of ounces per week – provide the body with strong protection.Doctor “MacDougall”says, : “Fish contains fats soften the intensity of the blood and helps to prevent heart disease.”

But if some of the fish useful, eating more fish is not necessarily most useful.In a study lasted for 30 years by researchers at the University School of Medicine “Northsturn” in “Chicago” on 2,000 people, found that people who ate more than 8 ounces of fish per week the incidence of strokes and related diseases of the brain and the blood was a major cause of death in Japan .

This does not mean to stop eating fish.Doctor “MacDougall”says, : “It’s tidbit, but it must be eaten in small quantities.So do not replace chicken with a large slice of fish, and think that your food healthy. “

How do you make the best more better?

Although the traditional Asian food includes a lot of food that we eat every day, there is one important exception.You will not find a lot of milk or cheese or other dairy products in this food .Perhaps this explains the lack of fat in Asian food.And perhaps may also explain why the bones of Asians is not as strong as it should be.

Although you can get plenty of calcium from plant foods such as – BokChoy and “Broccoli, most scientists agree on that dairy products play a critical role in maintaining bone strength.In one of the studies that have been conducted to compare the amount of calcium received by the body with bone density, the researchers found that women who receive calcium from dairy products often enjoy a higher bone density than those who receive calcium primarily from food by 20%.

“One of the problems dogging the country such as China is enjoying acceptable high bone density ” and that the words of Dr. “Robert M..Rasel”Professor of Medicine at the Human Nutrition Research Center on aging at the Department of Agriculture in” Jane Mayer, “at the University,” Tufts “in Boston.So even if you find yourself following an traditional Asian diet, be sure to drink low-fat milk and cheese and other dairy products, as advised by Dr. Rasel “.

Eating food on Asian way

If you took a look at an box of any loaf of bread, you will see the Food Guide Pyramid of Department of Agriculture in the United States, which is highly recommended that the each person should eat from 15 to 26 ration of fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, and protein every day.This is a useful guide pyramid toward healthier food in this country.

It was clear then that there is also an Asian pyramid, which is one of the most healthier food plans in the world.Unlike the American pyramid., which includes meat and dairy products as a way to get enough protein every day, the Asian pyramid replaces these foods by beans, nuts and fish.It also contains a good amount of vegetable oil, and moderate amounts of Japanese drinks and tea.The sport is also an important part of this plan.

When you follow the Asian plan, make sure to choose the most of your food from the base of the pyramid, leaving the foods at the top for special occasions.

People in Asian countries – with the exception of India – rarely eat dairy products.

Asian Food Pyramid

Asian Food Pyramid

 Asian pasta diet with vegetables


1 egg Whipped simply

9 ounces headbands Pasta with vegetables without eggs, pasta with vegetables cooked quickly.

1 tablespoon of canola oil.

1 tablespoon of Minced garlic

4 cups of slices of ​​stalk and leaves of bok choy

1 chopped medium carrot

2 tablespoons of soy sauce of few sodium.

1 teaspoon of sugar.

1 teaspoon of sesame oil.

Each ration contains

338 calories

7.2 grams of fat

1 gram saturated of fat

53 mg cholesterol

197 mg of sodium

3.9 grams of fibers

You paint a small pan with adhesion blocker liquid , and heat over medium heat.Place the whipped egg and move the pan untill the egg cover the bottomPut the pan on the fire for two minutes or until the egg settles.Move it from the pan to a cutting board to cool.cut it into slices.Leave it aside.

Cook the pasta (and leave the spice bag aside or keep it to once again) in a pan containing boiling water for 3 minutes, or as directed by the guides of the bag cover.Filter the pasta and rinse with cold water and then rinse again, and leave itaside.

In a large frying pan with non-stick food over medium heat, heat canola oil, and add the garlic and leave it for half a minute or until it becomes fragile.

Add “bok choy” and carrots .Mix the mixture for a minute to two minutes or until the plant wilts.Add sliced ​​past, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and move it while cooking for a minute or two until all the pasta is heated.Place the sliced ​​egg and swirl until mixed

Sufficient for Four rations



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