Avoid and Treat Anemia by Food

Avoid and Treat Anemia by Food

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Anemia, in the Greek language means “the lack of blood” but of course this is exaggeration where anemic people have a lot of blood, but their red blood cells have not play a effective role in carrying oxygen, which provides us with energy.

There are many forms of anemia, the most common of those caused by iron deficiency…..When you do not get enough iron in your diet or when a woman loses a lot of blood – for example due to the menstrual period – the ability of blood to carry oxygen can be reduced dramatically…..You looks pale when you are deprived from oxygen, and anemia may make you weaken, and feel cluttered ….etc., and permanent cold.

It is estimated that one-third of women in the United States suffer from a lack of their iron stores and of course suffer from the risk of anemia, but fortunately it – in general – this is a case easily treatable, and the our favorite treatment is food.

Get rid of the problem:

Women of childbearing age need 15 milligrams of iron per day to be in good health, while women in menopause and men need to 10 milligrams…..But pregnant women is in need of much more, where they need to about 30 milligrams of iron per day….It is impossible to get this amount of iron from food alone, therefore doctors describes for them dietary supplements.

For the rest of the people, how difficult is it to get enough iron in the food? It’s not difficult if you eat meat, fish, and chicken. These foods contain ample amounts of iron…..For example, three ounces of the steam cooked blue mussels contain 6 milligrams of iron, and the meal of 4 ounces of steak grilled lean contain 3 milligrams of iron, and the same amount of meat of fried White Russian rooster contain 1 mg of iron.

If you do not eat the meat or eat a little, you’ll need to pay attention to your nutrition….The problem is not because vegetables do not contain iron, as half a cup of canned pumpkin contains 2 milligrams of iron, and half a cup of beans and lentils contain 3 milligrams of iron. As you can see, the total amount of iron is not the problem in these foods, but the problem is how this amount is useful of the body.

Increase absorption:

The term “the amount of benefits of the utilization of biological material” refers to how the body’s absorb the nutrients you eat. There are two forms of iron and are of a different level of the degree of absorption: the iron in meat, fish, shellfish, and called ((((Heme Iron))) which can be easily absorbed, and the iron in plant foods which is called (((Nonheme Iron))) which is not easily absorbed by the body.

Here is an example: from the six milligrams of iron in 3 ounces of mussels 15% of iron will be absorbed  by the body, while the body will absorb only 3% of the three milligrams of iron in half a cup of lentils, so as Dr. “Victor Herbert” explains  professor of medicine at the College of “Mount Sinai” Medical Center “Bronx Franz” both in New York City, one of the editors of the magazine “Total Nutrition”.

It is possible to strengthen the body’s absorption of iron (Iron utilization) by eating smart food….For example, eating foods that contain vitamin (C) with foods containing iron guarantee that you get more iron from the blood stream….Says Dr. “Carol Vlichman” assistant professor of medicine at the Hospital of Genie University in “Philadelphia”: “The best medium of iron absorption is the acidic environment, especially in the medium containing ascorbic acid which is available in the vitamin (C). “

Similarly, the combination of meat and vegetables in the same meal makes it easy to get more iron, where the heme iron in meat enhances vegetables iron and makes it easily absorbed.

Says Dr. “Vlichman”:You do not need to spend a long time in caring about the proportion of vitamin (C) to iron in the food or proportion of heme iron to the nonheme iron in food…..Yes, the coordination of all of these ratios provide the body with the greatest benefits, but if one of the ladies suffer from iron deficiency, the absorption of iron will be strong, which means that whenever she eat iron the degree of iron absorption increased in her body”.

Enhance iron stores:

If you suspect that you are suffer from anemia, the doctor will do a full scan to you to make sure there is nothing bad with you…..And when the problem is not getting enough iron in food, it is easily manipulated.

If you love clams, you has been found that a solution to your problem….One cooked dish of steamed clams contains 25 milligrams of iron, and this exceeds the amount of iron in the ration of chicken livers by three-fold.

The meat, legumes, and vegetables are rich sources of iron…..”Mixing of heme iron of meat with the nonheme iron of cereals and vegetables, increases the amount of the body’s absorption of nonheme iron from 10% to 15% and it is a reasonable amount” and that the words of Dr. “Henry C.Lokasky “physiological scientist and a supervisor of one of the agriculture research centers in the United States, the Resarch Center for Human Nutrition in” Grand Forks “in” North Dakota. “

To get the most iron that your body needs from food, be sure to take a few vitamin (C) at the same time, where this vitamin increases the body’s absorption of nonheme iron, and that the words of doctor “Janet R..Hunt” food researcher in the Department of Agriculture in the United States at the center of human food sources.

There are several ways to get vitamin (C) with meals…..For example, tomato fruit contain 24 milligrams of vitamin (C), which means 40% of the daily amount…..You can also get vitamin (C) from eating orange juice or pineapple or lemon.

Another way to mix vitamin (C) with iron is eating a lot of roasted potato where it contains 20 milligrams of vitamin (C) – Which is 33% of the daily amount – and also 0.6 milligrams of iron….Eating potatoes with its skin will double the amount of iron provided by potatoes than three-fold.

One of the elements of food that should not be eaten with iron is calcium…..If you are taking iron supplements in particular, eating foods rich in calcium at the same meal will lead to some damages.“They are competing for the same location on the receptor in the cells,” says Dr.”Fergus Claidzdal” Professor and Chairman of the Department of Food Science at the University of” Massachusetts “in” Amherst. “And calcium competes with iron in the food as well, but not with the same degree when taking the supplements”.

Dr. “Claidzdal” advising to be the time period between calcium intake and iron intake is three hours…..For example, drink milk added to cereal in the morning and then wait to take iron supplements.

You have to remember one thing: If you focus on getting the most iron in this meal, you have to wait until the next meal to eat calcium-rich food or supplements.

The same applies for coffee and tea, where the both contain tannin acid, a chemical material that has an obstructive effect on iron supplement, says Dr. “Claidzdal”…..It is advised not to eat cereal with your morning coffee.

There is an easy way to get more iron from your diet which is to cook meals in time using cast iron jars, and also Dr. “Lokasky”, advises “This increases the amount of iron by 2 to 5%. At breakfast, do not hesitate to take one of the traditional meals, eating half a cup of cooked cream of wheat provides your body about 5 milligrams of iron.And oats also contains iron, but not more than 3 milligrams per half cup”.

Risks of eating Vegetables only

Dr. “Herbert” confirms that the numbers of vegetarians who suffer from anemia is double the number of people eat meat….In this case, the problem isn’t only related to iron deficiency, but to vitamin (B-12) deficiency as well…… This vitamin that cells need to divide properly , can be obtained from animal foods, so the militant vegetarians may not receive vitamin (B-12) in their diet.

The result of this is suffering from what is called harmful anemia, and that does not become a problem and temporary if they were the result of eating low amount of vitamin (B-12)… Dr. “Vlichman” confirms that most of us has a sufficient stock of this vitamin which is sufficient for 6 years, and it is an excellent period. Because of this, the militant vegetarians may not notice symptoms of vitamin (B-12) deficiency which causes fatigue and tingling of hands and feet for a long time.

As in case anemia caused by iron deficiency, vitamin (B-12) deficiency can be easily treated….Says Dr. “Vlichman”: “The militant vegetarians who do not eat meat or dairy products, should take vitamin (B-12) supplements or yeast…..Consult your doctor to know what is best for you. “.

Best sources:

The body can not produce red blood cells without iron…..So if you reduce the amount of iron in your diet, the number of red blood cells in your body will be decreased and hence the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.

There is a list in the following table contains iron sources of each of the heme iron which is absorbable (in meat and fish) and nonheme iron which is less absorbable (in Plant)

Foods that contain heme iron



The amount of iron in milligrams

Clams cooked by steaming

20 small units (3 ounces)


Boiled chicken livers

3 oz


Steam-cooked mussels

3 oz


Steam cooked oysters

6 medium-sized units (1.5 oz)





grilled red low-fat Beef (braised)

3 oz


Light meat tuna filled with water

3 oz


Steam-cooked shrimp

3 oz


grilled Dark turkey meat

3 oz


Grilled chicken legs

3 oz



Foods that contain iron is nonheme



The amount of iron in milligrams

wheat grain cooked quickly

3 4 cup


normal Tofu

4 ounces


Dried pumpkin seeds



Boiled lentils

½ cup


Roast potatoes

7 ounces


kidney Beans

1.5 cups


Boiled beans

Half a cup


boiled Black Beans

Half a cup


Canned Pumpkin

Half a cup



Half a cup



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